Teaching yoga today

Yoga is becoming more and more important in the Western world. In Germany alone there are presently 10 million people who practise it regularly, with numbers increasing. Health care providers, businesses, education centers for youth and adults have all discovered yoga. Aiming at integral health conservation, stress management and the development of moral values, many public and private institutions offer a solid framework for practicing and teaching yoga.

The therapeutic potential of yoga is also being realized in social, psychological and medical professions and the the demand for private yoga teachers who are friendly, empathic and well-trained is constantly increasing. A new and exciting field of employment is opening up.

Job description

Supporting people to find their yoga path and encouraging them to do it wholeheartedly is a worthwhile task. A well-founded yoga teacher training course is the precondition for this. Only yoga teachers with empathy, experience, and thorough subject knowledge are capable of teaching in a didactic way that it is suitable for all learners

Teaching yoga implies you are enjoying your own yoga practise. It is impossible to teach others without first practicing and studying these methods yourself.

Job characteristics

Most yoga teachers are freelance and self-employed. Considering the growing interest from a wide range of practitioners and students, yoga is gaining significance sociologically, in the health sector and in social politics. The knowledge of yoga can be brought to groups or individuals. Regular classes and seminars which last one day or more are the framework for this. Directly connected to the process of teaching is careful preparation and evaluation of the results.

Teaching yoga is characterized by the following:

  • Teaching the classical yoga methods competently and appropriately
  • Teaching the philosophical foundation and the methodic background knowledge
  • Leading participant-focused discussions
  • Igniting self-reflection
  • Supporting insight and development

Teaching yoga involves not only practicing yoga regularly but also continuously furthering one’s knowledge in the subject as well as enhancing one’s social skills and methodology. Knowledge in business management, marketing and organization are necessary when attempting to make teaching your full-time job.

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