Head of the Institute

Tanja Sailer

In the mid eighties I got in contact with Yoga for the first time. It was in the mountains of Mt. Abu in Rajasthan, India where I first came in contact with yoga during the mid-eighties. My first teacher, Swami Ramagyadas, introduced me to the fundamental techniques and philosophy of Raja and Hatha Yoga.

This first step lay before me a path which has enriched my life in many unexpected ways. Repeatedly, I traveled to India to deepen my insights through studies of Indology and philosophy, apprenticeships and further education with great teachers.

Since 1994, I have been a freelance lecturer in yoga, Ayurveda and Indian philosophy for private and public institutions. In 2004, together with Professor Manfred Bues, I founded the Institute for Yoga and practice-oriented Philosophy (IYP) in Waldkirch,Germany, near Freiburg.

For me this was the foundation of a central place where the knowledge given to me in a loving and caring way could be passed on to new generations. This place invites people to exchange well-founded knowledge of yoga in an atmosphere which is nondogmatic, well-meaning and aesthetic.

Even after years of intensive yoga teaching I still feel the joy of sharing my experiences. My aim is for the well-established methods of yoga and Ayurveda to become a source of health, joy, strength and insight for my students.

Within the context of group lessons and private teachings I invite people from all over the world and at all skill levels to a vivid and profound exchange of yoga. As an enthusiastic traveler and a lover of art and culture, it would be my pleasure to share my knowledge with you, wherever you are.

The main emphasis on my teachings:

  • Classical Haþha Yoga practise (body and breathing exercises, purification methods , in –depth relaxation, concentration and meditation)
  • Ayurveda – The wisdom of life (knowledge of yoga practises, nutrition and a healthy daily routine in-line with the needs of your individual constitution type)
  • Yoga philosophy (the understanding of traditional yoga texts and their contemporary meaning)
  • Eastern philosophy (mythology, Eastern conceptions of the world, aspects of Hinduism & Buddhism, Indian orthodox philosophy)

The concept

With its extensive curriculum, the IYP invites you to connect with the timeless wisdom of yoga. Our renowned and experienced team of teachers and lecturers is looking forward to introducing you to the wealth of yoga and its applied philosophy. In a reassuring atmosphere you will learn the traditional holistic methods of yoga (body and breathing exercises and meditation) as well as yogic philosophy and history. Medical, psychological and didactic aspects are explained, as is the connection between yoga and Occidental culture.

The IYP curriculum focuses on practise and experience as well as Indological and philosophical concepts. In a time when yoga is becoming increasingly popular and especially "body-orientated", it is important that our students are also familiar with its mental depths.

As a pathway that guides one deep within to responsibility, mindfulness and joy of life, yoga gives valuable impulses. These help us to take on the tasks of our lives with more tolerance, human warmth, far-sightedness and creativity.

Our curriculum

At the Institute for Yoga and applied Philosophy (IYP) you will learn about the fundamental methods of yoga and how they can be put to use meaningfully in the light of Western daily life. Our broad curriculum has offerings to suit your personal needs and accommodate your present level of knowledge. These include the following: individual yoga classes, weekly yoga courses, weekend seminars, yoga holidays, cultural events as well as further education for yoga teachers.

As of September, 2004 IYP is offering a fully qualified four-year yoga teacher training course which has been approved by the umbrella organization of Yoga Teachers in Germany (BDY) – a member of the European Yoga Union (EYU).

In our yoga tradition every moment is considered to be an opportunity to be mindful and wholly loving towards yourself. Yoga is available to us at any stage of our life, and older age and physical limitations are no hindrance to participate in IYP's curriculum.

We warmly welcome you to IYP and look forwarding to sharing our yoga experience with you.

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